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I don’t know what brought you to this page. If you came recommended by a friend, welcome; if you just happened to come across it we would like to let you know that this page is for people with a sweet tooth; and if you are already a customer, we would like to thank you for your loyalty and trust.

But whatever your interest, we would like to wish everybody who comes here to be entertained by the humble story of this establishment. With a bit of imagination on your part and the love we have put into it on ours, you may even be able to imagine the smells of our products through the photographs.

Set aside your worries and smell our small mantecado and polvorón cakes. Let the smell of cinnamon bring back the taste of your happiest childhood memories wrapped in white tissue paper.

Do not be surprised when, at the sight of our chocolates, your mouth begins to water while you relive your fondest memories. The first person to give you a square of chocolate in your childhood must have done so with affection, and we also put a lot of love into the products you can see on this page, and we are aware that our presentation boxes are like mouth-watering bells that gather the family round the table, show affection for those we love, and respect for our colleagues.

And if we have not yet managed to reach your table, once our meeting is no longer just virtual and you try our products, we hope to hear all about it!