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Saint Valentine’s is coming to La Despensa de Palacio

Saint Valentine’s is coming to La Despensa de Palacio. However, this February 14th he will be handing out love in the form of sweet titbits instead of arrows. To celebrate the occasion we have created some delicious cakes we are sure everyone will fall in love with.
But do you know the story of Saint Valentine and why he is the patron saint of lovers?
Many believe that Saint Valentine’s has been recently invented by the commercial interests of large shopping centres. However, its origins go as far back as the Roman Empire.
Saint Valentine was a priest who lived in Rome in approximately the 3rd c. AD. This was under the rule of emperor Claudius II, who decided to forbid young people from marrying since he believed that bachelors with no family made better soldiers as they had fewer ties.
The priest considered the decree to be unfair and challenged the emperor. He secretly married young people in love (and this is why Saint Valentine became the patron saint of lovers). Emperor Claudius II found out and summoned Saint Valentine, who was greatly respected in Rome, to the palace. Saint Valentine took the chance to preach Christianity and although initially Claudius II appeared to be interested, the army and Roman governor Calpurnius persuaded him to forget about it.
It was at this point that the Emperor Claudius ordered that Valentine be imprisoned. Wishing to ridicule and test Valentine, the officer in charge of imprisoning him, Asterius, challenged him to give his daughter Julia, who was born blind, her sight back. Valentine accepted and gave her back her sight in the name of the Lord.
Profoundly affected by this event, Asterius and his family converted to Christianity. However, Valentine remained imprisoned and the weak emperor Claudius finally gave orders for him to be martyred and executed on 14 February of the year 270. Young Julia planted a pink flowering almond tree next to his grave as a sign of gratitude. And that is why the almond tree is a symbol of enduring love and friendship.